Hello Little One

 Hello little one. 

You are worth the wait. Weeks have passed, I thought I  will never see you and now here you are. You are a beauty. I want to come up with a more interesting word to describe you but for now we will use the word "beauty" because that is what you are. I am not sure if that is what you want to hear, but I have to tell you, not everyone gets to be called like that and even if somebody calls you like that, it is not everyday. Me, I promise to call you a beauty everyday. How kind of the universe to give me a chance to take care of you. I love you little one. 

I told you earlier, I waited for you. I am not really someone who likes to wait, I just happen to have a lot of idle time and I am not proud of it. 

There really is nothing I can do about it now. It seems I have become one of those very unlucky few. It seems you and your "greenhouse" mates are my only captive audience today. I tried to divert my attention elsewhere but now I am more comfortable sharing my worries with you.

There is another little one who is also very dear to me and I am waiting for him too. He is a beautiful soul just like you.

I just realised now, I have not spoken to him kindly last time we were together. 

I am having a rude awakening as of the moment. Today I learned how imperative it is for us to always speak and think kindly. Even our running thoughts must drown itself with pristine intentions. 

But intentions will never be enough. 

We must always be vocal about wanting the best for someone very dear to us. 

We must be willing to go out of the way just to help the one we love the most attract all the ultimate goodwill.

We have no way of knowing how long the universe will give us a chance to remain close in this lifetime so it is true all of us must live each day as if it will be our last. 

I wish I have spoken to my other little one as loving and kindly, as gently as I speak with you right now.

I realised for me to be very consistent with this, I must also speak loving, kindly and gently with my own soul as well. 

I have not seen my little one for about three months now. If I am to be completely selfish, I would say if I will be given a choice between death or another day away from my little one, never shall I choose the latter. 

But disappearances never solve anything, it only adds up to this plague we call discomfort.

I will wait for my little one to come back. 

He deserves all the kindness I have yet to pour, for the most gentle and innocent being that he is, folding all the loose angst stemming from my ignorance how to care and protect his childlike spirit.

My dear little one, let us continue waiting in resilience for my other little one.